Monday, August 10, 2009


It's official! Summer is over and football days are here again. Two-a-days began this morning at 8:00.

The weather was perfect. A cool 85 degrees.

After a mid day break the Cougars hit the field again this afternoon at 4:00. Then it's off to the weight room to pump some iron!

Encouraging words from Kelvin Kelly, Team Advocate.

Good catch!

...watching with interest!

Local media coverage is excellent in Abilene, Texas. One of the many perks of West Texas Football.

Saturday, all players will scatter throughout Abilene for the annual Cooper Football Card blitz! The cards feature the Cougars '09 schedule as well as generous discounts from many local merchants such as, Sonic's Route 44 drinks are .99, anytime of the day!

Last year's team started a new tradition. A sledge hammer called "The Finisher", now hangs in the hall in memory of a great bunch of guys and their sucessful season!
In '09 the tradition continues with a new team, a new hammer with a new name...All Day! It will accompany the team throughout their journey and at the end of the season, hand on the wall next to "The Finisher" with a plaque honoring their accomplishments! Hey, Coach Bloesh! (new to the Cooper staff. Played at the U of Houston with Coach Doty....welcome!)

The Band of Brothers quote:

One of three shelves of displaying Cooper football's winning tradition...

The following is a excerpt from the Abilene Reporter Telegram.
Cooper coach Mike Spradlin welcomed about 140 Cougar players for the first day of two-a-day practices. “It never ceases to amaze me,” Spradlin said. “I keep thinking that the older I get that it will change, but it never loses its magic for me. There’s still an air. I couldn’t sleep (Sunday) night. I never get comfortable. I woke up about 10 times and couldn’t wait for the alarm to go off.

“We had a great first day, probably the best we’ve had since I’ve been here. The kids are enthusiastic and we’re ready to rock.”While continuity has become a hallmark for the Eagles in Warrens 13 previous seasons as head coach, the Cougars are beginning to reap the same kind of benefits as Spradlin enters his fourth season with the program.
“I think we’re where we want to be,” Spradlin said. “We’re right where we thought we’d be. We feel like we’ve done what we do and there’s some repetition and carryover. If you want to compare it to the last couple of years, we’re ahead just for the simple reason we’ve all been here. I didn’t lose a coach last year. Our staff’s intact and those are the things that get you continuity.” Cooper, which went 8-5 and advanced to the third round of the playoffs in its first season of Class 4A competition last year, kicks off the 2009 season on Aug. 28 against Fort Worth Wyatt as part of the Action Sports Medicine Champions Classic at Shotwell Stadium.

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