Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 12

Anticipation mounts, as week 12 unfolds and the Cooper Cougars continue to prepare as they have from the beginning. Back in January, they collectively had a dream and every day since, have worked hard to make that dream come true.
*With respect, they have listened and learned.
*With dedication, they are united in focus and effort.
*With determination, they daily bring their personal best.
*With discipline, they combine their strength.
*With one heart, they work toward a common goal.
I smile as I type this, knowing that some may assume I copied the above from a manual or perhaps the locker room walls. Others may think I am knowledgeable about the game of football. Truth is, I am neither. The list came easily to me because for many years, I've had the privilege of observing from a front row seat a man that lives such a life.
I don't spend a lot of time at the field house. My visits are short and sweet. When I do however, have the opportunity to stand among these young men and their coaches, I am always touched by what I observe. Namely the respect that passes between them. Also a quiet confidence, that is shared by all. Each of them has been tested therefore trust is in place. They are like a family. They can count on each other. They are brothers in the truest sense.....they compete for one another.

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