Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something special!

Oh my! Where do I start! During the
past 5 seasons at Cooper, Coach and I have had the honor
and pleasure of being apart of the most amazing staff of
coaches and their families. While the men were hard a work
rebuilding Cooper Football and lasting friendships, we girls had
a lot of fun!

We cheered loud at games and inspired discouraged
fans to join us. Played together, made crafts, caramel apples and
mischief. One year we went to the fair, ate dinner on my front
porch and tarred and feathered rubber chickens (before playing

our crosstown rivals). We've had countless conversations, on the
phone and at 'Thursday night coffee'. We've loved, encouraged
and prayed for each other and somewhere along the way we
became 'family'. I love each and everyone of you and want to

thank you for being great wives. Together we better learned to
respect, encourage, befriend and support our husbands. Preparing
for future days when demands will increase and responsibilities
will grow. Just remember that you are never alone and that

H.U.G.'s understand. Change is coming for our precious staff,
but we will 'treasure all these things and ponder them in our
hearts'! I thank God for our time together and for all that He
taught us. I praise Him for our future, each and every one of us,
and thank Him that no matter where we go, He goes with us.

Admire your husband, treasure each day with your family and celebrate and love like there is no tomorrow! Develop a walking, talking, seeing, hearing relationship with God. Ask Him for everything you need. Especially wisdom, forgiveness and trust. Become best friends and learn to love Him more than anything. He in return will enable you to love like you've never loved before.

Embrace your children. Be a mother, not a friend. God will give them many friends but no one can love, teach and discipline as well as you. Parent with a passion for children grow up fast. Make them your priority....your ministry and when they grow up they will be the kind of people you would want for a friend.

I love you.

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  1. This post makes my heart smile! Roxanne you are an inspiration! You have taught me so much and I don't even "know" you! After always being apart of staffs where relationships are not valued but treated as more highschool cliques I pray for the day we are on a staff that holds values like the ones you have created! Good Luck on your newest adventure!

  2. I agree with everything Channa said! :) You are the BEST HCW!! Those girls are blessed by you! Best of luck in Temple!!

  3. You brought tears to my eyes with this post, Roxanne. It has been such a pleasure to be on "staff" with this amazing group of women, and I will always treasure the way these last 3 years have taught me what it is to be a coach's wife. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds it, and that is enough. I pray blessings for each of our families and for peace and patience with the changes coming. Thank you for all that you have done for me over the last few years, I'm thankful for you!

  4. I can definitely agree with each response above. Cooper just won't be the same. My son came home today and said he wished he could have talked Coach out of it, but said he is sure when Cooper is in need again that Coach will respond. Thank YOU for all you and Coach Spradlin have done for Cooper. I am sad that you guys are leaving us, but we all know nothing stays the same. Keep the faith in Temple and lots of luck to you guys! You are in my prayers for a positive response in Temple. Don't be Abilene strangers ya hear! =)