Friday, September 10, 2010

The Coach's Kids!

Our oldest daughter Bethany, wrote a blog post titled Eat Your Heart Out Westlake.( Click to read!)

One constant in the life of Coach Spradlin, is the unconditional love of his family. It's not always easy to be a coach, or his family but it's always been easy to love him. A coach's family is tight! Babies grow up on the practice field and in the fieldhouse. From birth, they attend football games. Learning quickly to cheer for the team! They look forward to pep rallies, pom poms and seeing to the mascot. When you make 17 moves they come with you. Help you pack, unpack, paint walls, plant flowers and make friends....but until you make new friends the famliy hangs out and has fun together.

And when they grow up, they come back home and cheer for their dad again ....and the boy's he coaches!

Last Friday's victory was extra special to the or family because it was the 2nd time that 'our coach' had led his team to victory, over the Austin Westlake Chapparel's. Beth and Nate, Carte and Emme; Kim and John; and Clint came to town to watch the Coogs. We adore our kids and love it when they all come 'home'. They knew what a big deal it would be for Cooper to beat Westlake and they couldn't miss the opportunity to support their dad. This picture was a recreation of one taken 10 years ago (have you read Beth's story yet?). Both were milestone's in our coach's career....two of many we've been privy to witness. Since the first Westlake defeat, our family has grown up a lot...

We've also grown in numbers! ( ...we missed you Jenny!)

What an amazing game! One of the best ever! It was hard to settle down, but later coach found a note on his night stand. Here is what it said:

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me. I can't help but get a little emotional every time I see you out their with your players because I see how much fun you have and how much you love them and how much they love you. You truly are a man of God, and the amazing part about all of this is that I have the honor and priviledge to call you Dad. You truly are my hero and I know there will never be another. I can only hope that one day people look at me the way they look at you, and that one day I will have a son that loves me as much as I love you!

Love Always,
Your son

I don't think Coach Spradlin ever slept.
Children; What a blessing from God! ...can I get an amen?


  1. How sweet and special both post are! I have to say I teared up alittle bit when I read the note from Clint to his dad! And I just hope and I pray our (future) children will reflect on this live one day the same way! As a coaching family we can change colors over night and cheer on a completely different group of boys from Fall to Fall but there is one constant...we are a family, a coaching family the best kind!
    Good Luck tonight!

  2. Wow, what family you have!!! And what a blessing y'all all are!!! Good luck the rest of the season!!!