Thursday, November 11, 2010

Game Day!

What a great week! The team has never worked harder... never looked better. They have invested a lot in this season. They are well prepared. What an amazing opportunity they will have tomorrow night. A victory will further their cause, one week closer to winning a State Championship.


  1. Hey, Roxanne! I will certainly be praying for your Cougar team tomorrow and tomorrow night. I hate to miss the game, but my daughter has a basketball game out of town. We have already had two other out of town games this week. I am tired and would love nothing more than to sit and listen to the game! I have left you several comments on several different posts, not sure if you saw them. So proud of the Cooper Cougars!

  2. Lisa! You are so precious! Yes, with delight I have read each and every comment. I have gone to your blog to leave a thanks but have had trouble. Please leave your email so I can reach you. Wish I could give you a big hug. You have been so much fun...kind of like a secret pal! I really have appreciated your enthusiasm and support.
    It's a big day. Were picked to win. I know were up to it...last week served it's purpose and brought greater resolve. Hope your daughter plays well and wins!