Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy, do I want to beat Denton Guyer! Cooper has lost the past two years to them in the Regional playoffs. They are very good...but don't you think it would hard for them to beat us three times in a roll? Third times a charm, right? It's been a tough week around here. Losing three starters has been a distraction to say the least, but everyone is pulling together. Lessons are being learned and stories are being written and what a story it is.


  1. And all the people said.......AMEN!!!
    God is good, Life is good, and Good things are happening at Cooper High School. The Cougars are thirsty for a "Sweet Victory" over Denton Guyer! Go Coogs!!!!

  2. I think the third time should be Cooper's!!! I'll just bet there are plenty of guys who are ready, willing, and able to step up to the plate and seamlessly fill the gaps!!

    Sometimes life's lessons are very hard, but the best lessons learned are from facing mistakes and knowing there are consequences to actions. I applaud adults who are willing to work, live and play by the rules. That's the only way to be a role model!!

    Good Luck to the Cooper Cougars this weekend!! Bring home that VICTORY!! I know you can!!