Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Cooper Football Banquet

Tonight we had the pleasure of spending the evening celebrating the Cooper Cougars 2010 football season. It was three hours well spent, as a crowd of 500+ applauded and affirmed the efforts and accomplishments of this special group of young men. Theirs was a memorable season full of special achievements and broken records. Especially for those who had invested themselves fully over the past years. The players, parents and fans enjoyed the banquet immensely! The enthusiam and sincerity of team set the tone. The 30 minute highlight video, by Cindy Gravitt, was the highlight!

A special thanks to all the parents that plotted, planned, prepared, set up, decorated and took down. We too, made a good team! :) I've never seen so much red, white and blue in one place! Everything looked beautiful. You are a inspiring group of parents. I applaud your interest and your involvement in the lives of your children. Nothing means more, than parents that care.

Love the flying jersey's! When the players arrived, the first thing they do is find their number! The second, is find their matted 8 x 10 photo (a gift from the booster club) hanging on the far wall. They make me smile! The football experience has made them men, but there is still a glimmer of boy in them.

The new cougar head looks great! A perfect 'walk through' when introducing the players and their dates.

The ticket table .......

Coaches table! The players get a kick out of this (here's my coach)! I love pictures!

The Hobby Lobby gift wrap (1/2 price Christmas) was a great way to jazz up tables, walls and thank you gifts....all color coordinated!
Again, it was a wonderful banquet! Hearts were full. Faces were happy! I was touched.
note to self: Next year..... wear waterproof mascara!


  1. Great Job Roxanne, Parents & Cooper Football...
    Thanks for posting pics and information...great ideas to share for other programs. We appreciate it. :) Congratulations on a great year! ejw

  2. I know that group of young men felt very honored and special at the banquet. Love all the decorations! I can't wait for next season!

    Your long distance cheerleader via Abilene radio and the internet! (Thank goodness for modern technology) :) --Lisa

  3. How did you hang the jerseys from the ceiling? I would love to do this for my son's team, the banquet is coming up on Dec. 5.