Sunday, January 16, 2011

A new year.

The C00per Coaches Wives - 2010 Football Banquet
Wow! The dust has finally settled around here. It's calm and quiet.

The coaching life is an interesting one indeed. It is full of contrasts and color. Depth and dimension. Certainly the makings of good art and a good story. Twists and turns. One minute you're in an endless sprint. Then suddenly... it's over.

We eat, breathe, and barely sleep, September through November. Just in time to catch our breath and bust into the Playoffs with a frenzy. We go and go and go and go, hoping to go all the way. A State Championship or bust! Believing our team can do it... Knowing they can! Hoping that everyone will be strong and stay the course! We will and we wish but most of all you pray because ultimately, so many things are out of our control. We keep the faith. Trusting, leaning not on our own understanding but acknowledging in all our ways. Winning round 1, leads to winning round 2 which leads to Round 3! Playing in Cowboy Stadium was mind blowing! It's all so exciting! Like a big snowball, momentum is building, one game at a time. You peek ahead to see it's all downhill. Yeah, baby! We're on a roll! Go! Go! Go!
Then bam!!! It's gone. Without warning, we're done!

The silence is painful. The 'what ifs' deafening. The realization that something you have poured your all into, is over. People who have worked endless hours, scatter. Coaches, team mates, family, friends and fans all go their separate ways. It's time to breathe. Take time to reflect. Process, then ponder the past, present and future. Count your blessings! Every season is full of victories and accomplishments. Acknowledge them and celebrate! Yes, there is so much to celebrate!

On January 31st, the Cooper Cougar community will gather to support, encourage and recognize the young men that made up the 2010 football team. They were a special lot, their goals were big. Their accomplishments were great! I look forward to being( one of a 500 plus crowd) at this annual event. To commend and applaud the amazing efforts of this group of young men. They were fully invested all year long and now they'll receive the first of many rewards to come. Others will come in the future, when life challenges cause them to draw from their experiences. I'm convinced that the lesson's learned all year will provide them with a reservoir of strength, commitment and determination. God bless you guys...we won't forget you. In the future, may each and every one of you look to God for all your needs. May you, like us, let Him be the coach of the rest of your life. You will find that He is the secret, to being a true champion!

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