Friday, September 25, 2009

Every girl needs a 'Pops'!

Beth Spradlin Saxton

Grandparents are pretty great. They let you get away with just about anything and they love you like you were the sweetest thing on earth. Carter has some of the best grandparents around...each and every one is special in their own way. But, I've decided every girl needs a Pops. Pops is the guy who says things like, "How ya' doin' kid?" and always has a piece of gum ready to trade for a hug. He's one of the best coaches in Texas, and can be a pretty intimidating guy, but still manages to have a soft spot in his heart reserved for a certain little four year old....
He also has the hook up when it comes to meeting the Cougar, what more could a girl ask for?Pops might even give her a shot a little later in life at running back...But, I'm thinking we'll probably be sticking with cheerleading...Visiting during football season definitely has its perks!

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