Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's a wife to do?

I must admit that being a C-wife has more 'Up's & Down's' than the State Fair of Texas! And after Friday Night's last quarter loss, this well-seasoned wife was at a loss for words. So what may I ask is a wife to do? The first few hours I listened and shared the pain. Then I tossed and turned and tried to sleep, but this guy kept swooping through our room startling the heck out of us! However with the light of day came bright ideas and I decided to do what I do best. Cook breakfast! Doesn't everyone know that the surest way to a man's heart is through his stomach?First I ground coffee beans and perked a pot of coffee. Next I popped Pillsbury frozen biscuits into the oven and fried a few strips of bacon in the cast iron skillet. When the biscuits were almost ready I scrambled five eggs
with just a little bit of cheese and arranged it all attractively on an appropriate plate.

This is my plate......
and this is Coach's.
On second thought, an extra biscuit may be more appreciated today.....
.......but when he was finished I couldn't resist!

A note to coach: Thank you for working so hard and caring so much. Your determination and optimisim inspires me! I respect you greatly.

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