Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Game Ball!

An undefeated season 8-0 is no small feat in the 'little Southwest Conference'. How proud we are here in Abilene Texas, of our 5-A Abilene Cooper football team. Four years and nine month's of hard work and commitment have prepared them for a time such as this. It has truly been a team effort. Countless names, faces, hands and feet, hearts and souls have been involved.
Two weeks ago, after the victory over Odessa Permian, a jubilant football team stood proudly in front of the band while they played our school song. It is a special moment week after week to watch this meaningful tradition. As a small token of his appreciation, Coach Spradlin gave the winning 'game ball' to another team of champions, the Cooper Band! These amazing young men and women, under the direction of Mr. Clay Johnson, provide musical inspiration and entertainment all year long.....as witnessed each and every football game. Things just wouldn't be the same without them! And by the look of things, the football team isn't the only one that's been working hard! On behalf of the entire Cougar Nation, I want to thank our band with a collective, Bravo. Their talent, hard work and commitment, is unmatched.

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