Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game day! Abilene Cooper vs. Odessa High

The Odessa High Broncos are coming to town today! They'll take on the Cooper Coogs at 7:30 in Shotwell Stadium. Another victory will assure the Coogs a spot in the playoffs....the 1st of several team goals. Lisa, I'll be praying and I hope you'll be listening! (Lisa, is a fun, football loving mom, who lives in Mississippi and has enthusiastically adopted the can read her comments after each post. She listened to our game last week at home in her kitchen)
See last weeks post for listening info!
I'll post our score as soon as we get home!
Go Cougars!
p.s. Thank you Lord, for an undefeated season!


  1. I will be there! Oh, I mean here, listening to the play-by-play on my computer! Have been thinking about those Cougars all week! I don't know anything about those Broncos, but I do know all about the spirit and enthusiasm that builds week to week with a winning team! It is like a run-away train that will take a lot more than a team of 'horses' to stop!! I believe our Cougars are ready, willing, and able to take that train ride to VICTORY!!! Go get 'em boys!! GO COUGARS!! :)

  2. Wish I could be there! Great first half! First of all, my heart goes out to your snapper. My son snapped in high school along with playing both sides of the ball. Now in Junior College, his 'only' job is snapping. He'd rather 'hit somebody', but 'snapping' helps pay for the education!! I'm going on the announcers saying it was a bad snap, but, you tell that young man every snapper has a bad snap now and then. One thing, though, I have never heard of a team scoring their 2 pts like that! The greatest thing is, the Cougars are not hurt! 25 - 8 at the end of the first half of play is fantastic! Keep up the good work guys!! You play clean, you play smart, and in the end it will certainly pay off!! GO COUGARS!! (going back to listen to the second half!)

  3. Great Job Cougars!!! You rode that VICTORY train right to the station!!! I love it, I love it, I. LOVE. IT!!! Score, score, and score some more! Also heard a little inside info from the announcers about a newspaper article that came out at the first of the season. Heard it's been on the wall in the field house. Nothing like a good ol' healthy challenge to make a good team great, or a great team fantastic! That newswriter didn't see 8 - 0 on the season and 3 - 0 in the district ever happening, did he? Love it when boys pull together, work hard, and give their all on the field for themselves, their coaches, and their fans!

    You are making memories you will never forget! Enjoy every minute of it!

    The first team to clinch a play-off spot! CONGRATULATIONS!! Work hard this week! I heard, too, that we all better bring our seat belts next week 'cause it was going to be a "ride"! I believe you are ready for the "ride"!!! GO COUGARS!! :)