Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Next up....the Permian Panthers!

Get ready Cougars, the Panthers are coming to town! The coaches are watching film and drawing up plays. The team is practicing and getting ready for the big game. Don't be decieved by last weeks score. Permian is good! So, say your prayers and wear your red and blue. Game time is 7:30 at Shotwell Stadium.


  1. Hi, Mrs. Coachette! I do feel the importance of what these young men have accomplished and what the future holds for them! (just hope i'm not being a nuisance) Just wanted to tell you this, too, when my son was playing high school football, every Friday morning I had on his desk beside his bookbag a printed quote(s) that I wanted him to reflect on during the day. I tried to relate them to what I thought he would be facing with the opposing team that night, or sometimes ones to just get him "FIRED UP"! So, today I found two for your team.....

    "If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride -- AND NEVER QUIT, you'll be a winner! The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards." --Bear Bryant

    This next one made me laugh, so I had to send it too!

    "Find out what the other team want to do. THEN TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM!" --George Halas

    I will be praying for the Cougars this week. I know how much fun it is to watch boys work so hard for something they want so much!! Even if the outcome is not like we thought it would be, if they know they have done their best, then they will always be able to stand with pride and know still they are WINNERS!

    Cheer them on to the very end and HAVE FUN!! :)

  2. Oh, and as I look at that Panther in your picture, I remember the second game in Daniel's senior year playoff rounds was the Canton Academy Panthers (which was my alma mater!) So, I sent him a little text message that said something like this...."Get your team fired up for this big game! There is a place in the trophy case for a Panther head and ya'll also need a panther-skin rug in the field house!" What came back to me was "Mom, we are ready!!!" And, ready they were! It was freezing cold and raining that night, but they brought home that victory! I know ya'll will, too! GO COUGARS!!
    (I'm gonna leave now! Ha! But, I will be checking back)

  3. OK, boys, it's game day and I'm so excited for ya'll!! Bring that V - I - C - T - O - R - Y home tonight!! (if there's a radio station that carries your game and I can get it on the internet, please let me know) WOO-HOO!! GO COUGARS!!!