Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Night Out!

As most of you know, Roxanne the artist is also, Roxanne the Coach's wife. I, like most of you precious women, wear many hats. We all complain but really don't you love being many things to many people? It's definitely challenging and helps us grow!

Recently, I hosted a 'Girls Night Out' party for 12 special ladies. All of which happen to be married to football coaches. Every year about this time, before football season begins, I send out cute invitations and then start making plans to celebrate these women. For those of you who do not know, Football Season is a BIG here in Texas! To be a successful coach requires commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, determination plus long work weeks. Were talking 90 plus hours from August to (hopefully) mid December. Need I say more about these amazing wives that keep the home fires burning?

Yes I do!

They are pretty, cheerful, fun and kind. They cook, clean and wash . They teach, discipline, inspire and encourage. They read, color, play games, go on walks. They bake cookies, make lunches and warm up dinners. They work in and out of the home, pay bills, mow lawns. They hammer, nail and use power tools. They juggle after school sports, errands and appointments. They basically do it all with very little assistance. At the end of the day, when they tuck their babies in bed, they count their blessings and kiss them twice. Once for themselves and once for their daddy, who would love to be there too!

So each year I 'H'uddle 'U'p (these) 'G'irls....I call them H.U.G.'s! I love them with pretty decorations, gifts, good food and encouraging words. Even Coach gets involved by reminding them how valuable and appreciated they are!

We had a wonderful time talking. We ate Spinach Salad with fresh peaches, toasted almonds and seeds. Then, the Mansion on Turtle Creek's Tortilla Soup. For dessert we had Frozen Strawberry Bars. Later we shared our hearts and ideas with each. Discussing ways we can help one another. After all, we are a community of coaching families. We are a sisterhood of coaches wives. We have so much in common but most importantly we love our husband. In fact, it's even more than love, we respect them! They are good men, fighting the good fight and we admire them for it and in return, they love us well!

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!

A special thanks to our son Clint and his beautiful wife Jenny, and Jenny's precious aunt & uncle Nancy and Jim Martin, who brightened my weekend with their visit. We shopped til we dropped and ate (at Perini's) til we popped! They were so thoughtful and kind, helpful in every way! Everyone, even Clint and Jim, helped make the paper flowers ( an easy to assemble kit from Martha Stewart) and like a good 'coach's kid', Clint patiently hung them up. I was so touched by their willingness to help me out! One of the nicest things about 'love' is the union of families. Jenny, I'm so thankful that God brought you and Clint together. :) You and your family have richly blessed me!

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