Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet, Katie Galusha!

Welcome to the Cooper Football blog!

You may have noticed that things have changed a little bit around here:) I love makeovers and design challenges and I'm always changing things! I started this blog last year as a little gift to those who love Cooper Football. In my house that happens to be my husband, Coach Spradlin, who I respect and admire. He is a deeply committed, well invested indiviual, living out his dream. Life with him as been an amazing adventure, full of breath taking moments! This year, as the ones before it are sure to be full of excitement. I will continue to journal the 2010 season, as before but I'll be telling the story from a personal prospective. That of a coaches wife. Which works are amazingly well since I am one. I also just happen to be surrounded by 12 others. So, I'll have lot's of help.

So, let's started with some introductions. Many of you have had an opportunity to meet the men who coach the Cooper Cougars. They are a stellar group of men that genuinely care about the lives and futures of the young men they coach. A touching observation for those who have had the e opportunity to watch first hand. As you know, this kind of concern makes a big difference in hearts and minds, and attitudes. It reinforces what parents have passed on and further prepares them for the years ahead. So needless to say, yet true. Awesome things are happening in the lives of those involved! Good things are on the horizon...the best is yet to come!

So, you've met the coaches. Now I would like you to meet the women that love and respect them. The ladies who encourage them 24/7 to be the men they are! In the days to come I will invite each of these lovely women to be my guest. I will ask them a few questions that will help you get to know them better. They are precious,inspiring and unique. Each one plays an irreplaceable role, just as you in their family and community.

Today, I'll be visiting with Katie Galusha. Katie is married to Rob Galusha, defensive secondary coach. Welcome Katie! I'm so glad to visit with you today!

.Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born & raised right here in Abilene, TX. I have lived here my entire life, and I do love it! I went to Abilene High (gasp!) and graduated from there in 2006. I am currently attending Hardin-Simmons and will graduate with a degree in Biology in December of this year. I hope to continue on and obtain a master's degree.

. When did you meet your coach?

I met my coach in 2003 at our church's youth camp in Oklahoma. We were both from Abilene but had never met. We were in the same small group at camp, so we spent a lot of the week together. I didn't think of it this way at the time, but I think I was in love with Rob pretty much immediately! He was an awesome football player (at Cooper!) and I was hooked!

. How long have you been a coaches wife?

I have been a coach's wife from the moment we arrived home from our honeymoon in July of 2008. When we got off the plane, Rob checked his voicemail, and he had a message from Coach Spradlin telling him that the job was his! We were jumping for joy (and receiving some crazy glares) in a terminal at DFW!

. What quality do you most admire in your coach?

There are so many things that I admire about my coach, but I think I would have to say his dedication and passion. He doesn't commit to anything without completely fulfilling his duties (and then some!). His passion for football is certainly undeniable. There are many yellow tablets with play after play jotted down on them as well as many game films around our house to prove it!

. What is your favorite part of football season?

My favorite part of football season has to be those Friday night lights! There's really nothing better than seeing all of your coach's work pay off. I also love being with my fellow c-wives...I love how we especially come together during the season.

. What is your greatest challenge?

Whew, where to begin? I am human and have many challenges, but right now I'd say my biggest challenge is figuring out who I really am. I'm at a crossroads right now because I'm about to graduate from college but I'm not certain what it is that I want to do with my life. I want to have a career that I love, one that challenges me, and one that allows me to help and uplift others. Right now I am doing my best to leave that in the hands of the Lord, but it is hard to be patient sometimes!

. Where do you work?

I work part-time waiting tables at a local steakhouse and full-time as a house-wife! :)

. What hobbies do you enjoy?

I LOVE cooking/baking! After being diagnosed with Celiac disease last summer, I had to become a little more creative in the kitchen, and I have really enjoyed that. I have also recently become a big fan of blogging!

Katie, thank you so much for sharing! You are a wonderful addition to our H.U.G.'s (huddle up girl's) and we all love your enthusiasm and sweet disposition!

Thanks for stopping by. You're interest and support is so encouraging...and appreciated! It's hard to believe we have out first game tomorrow night, but we do! Have a great day and see you at the game!

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  1. Katie is such a beautiful Coaches wife...... Inside as well as outside. Her going to school, working, and being a fool time "Coachette" to Rob is amazing. Not an easy job for any coaches wife. I know God has great plans for her. It is with with great joy for those of us, who watch the coaches and their families from the stands,witness what is in store for them. Blessings...... Gina