Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet, Cassidi Dunnam!

Today, I'd like you to meet another coaches wife. Cassidi, is married to Aaron Dunnam, who coaches the inside linebackers. Cassidi, has been the athletic secretary at Cooper the past two years. Though she will be greatly missed Cassidi, has decided to stay home with her three adorable children, Lyssa, Parker and Tate.

Welcome Cassidi! Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity to know you better!

. Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Cassidi. I grew up in the best little town in whole world, Wheeler! I could ride my bike anywhere I wanted! I lived in the same house for 18 years and it is still my favorite place to be! Family means everything to me! In high school I ran cross country and track and played basketball. My graduating class had 23 people and to this day I keep in touch with most of them!

Aaron and I have been blessed with three children for which we are so thankful. They keep us busy and smiling!

. When did you meet your coach?

I met my husband when I was in the 5th grade! He moved to Wheeler from a town near by. I still remember the first time I saw him. I thought he was soooooo cute (much like Parker now). When I was in the 6th grade I remember telling him I was going to marry him someday! I wasn’t kidding!

. How long have you been a coaches wife?

Although it seems like just yesterday he started coaching, it has been 7 years.

. What quality do you most admire in your coach?

On the field…his passion for the game, I love to watch him coach just as much as I loved to watch him play!

Off the field…the love he has for our babies! I never get tired of seeing him hold them.

. What is your favorite part of football season?

The games are tons of fun. Me and my girls (c-wives) have made many, many, many funny memories on all of our road trips. Of course I love all the kiddos running around.

. What is your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge during football season isn’t doing all the “work” at home by myself. It’s all the memories that are made at home that I wish he could be a part of. It’s hearing, “Mom, why can’t daddy come?”

. Where do you work? (job, home, etc.- plug your business if you have one)

Four more days at Cooper, then a full time stay at home mom! I will be remoting into my dad’s computer to help him with one of his business, Wallace Tax Service. I will also be helping my sisters with our new business adventure called PLAY IT S.A.F.E ( My oldest sister has patented a concussion management program. She has been working with the University of Texas for ten years and she decided to make it public and promote it to other colleges and high schools. So far, OSU, Alabama , and the Jets have purchased it. We are very excited about it J

. What hobbies do you enjoy?

I love doing things around my house…painting and gardening are two of my favorites! We love having family and friends over, so we always want our house to feel open and FUN!!!

Cassidi, thank you so much for dropping by. And on behalf of the wives I want to thank you. You're so good at organizing things and getting us together. Your like the glue! We love you!

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  1. Cassi many talents are amazing. What I admire most is her calmness... at all times. Her ability to keep her sanity, a beautiful home, three children, two by her side and one on her hip, is incredible. You can see the love that they have for their mother, but most important is their adoration of her. All this while being married to a wonderful man who happens to be a coach. :) We are particularly fond of "Panhandle" folks. Blessings to the Dunnams!