Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet, Mindi Womack!

Hi, Mindi! Welcome to the blog and thanks for letting me interview you. Mindi's married to Jerod Womack, who coaches the Wide Receivers and is also C0-Offensive Coordinator. They have the cutest little boys, Hudson and Grant.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Mindi. I grew up in West Texas, Midland to be exact. I grew up loving high school football...wouldn't be a true West Texan if you didn't! I have two sisters and the best parents in the world (all devoted Cooger fans). I grew up being in athletics. I was a fastpitch softball pitcher and played all the way through college at Mary Hardin-Baylor. Jerod and I have two boys, Hudson (2) and Grant (8 mo).

When did you meet your coach?

Jerod and I met in high school. We were friends first, then started dating his senior year and my sophomore year. We had a long distance relationship for several years and got married when I graduated from nursing school in 2003.

How long have you been a coaches wife?

Since we got married. It's been 7 years now....seems impossible!

What quality do you most admire in your coach?

It's very hard to pick out just one quality that I admire the most in Jerod. I think I would just say his love for people. I think his genuine love for people is what makes him a hard working, great coach and an even better husband and father.

What is your favorite part of football season?

FRIDAYS!! The games are awesome to watch! I love watching Jerod in action. And when they win....it's so rewarding to see all of the guys' (coaches and players) hard work pay off.

What is your greatest challenge?

It's a challenge during football season seeing Jerod having to be apart from his family so much. We miss him a ton and he really misses a lot with the kids during the long hours that they work.

Where do you work?

I am by trade a RN. I work part-time at Abilene Regional Medical Center as a labor and delivery nurse. It's amazing to be in a job where you witness the miracle of birth every time you go to work! My two miracles at home are my fulltime job and I couldn't love it more!

What hobbies do you enjoy?

My hobbies include anything that involves being with my family. I enjoy scrapbooking (when I have time), being outdoors, and being with friends. And on occasion, I enjoy a good reality TV show!

Thanks a lot Mindi! I love your humor and good attitude. You're a great addition to the coaches wives and we're so glad you and Jerod are at Cooper!


  1. Roxanne, I actually went to school with your youngest daughter at UMHB, and my husband used to recruit the Abilene area, so he knows your husband pretty well. Good Luck to you guys tomorrow night. And thanks for being a great example of how much of a head coach's wife can be to a program. Our HC wife is amazing, but I have friends who are not so lucky and it makes a world of difference. I know that your girls appreciate it so much.

  2. As we know Hudson and Grant are very special young men.... But what makes them all the more special are that they have two exceptional parents. Mindi's smile and enthusiasim is contagious. Her love and devotion to Jerod and the boys is evident. As a mother of two boys, whose husband's schedule was similar to a coach, I can tell her that watching them grow and become Godly men is an amazing thing to witness. The love that they will have for her will be amazing... her cup runneth over. Jerod is a very lucky man.